Truth Behind Seahawks Decision to “Throw” the Game

Adam Sherbert here with another exclusive scoop. Much has been made about the ending of Super Bowl XLIX, specifically Seahawks head coach, Pete Carroll’s decision to throw the ball and ultimately the game.

The score was 28-24 in favor of the New England Patriots late in the fourth quarter. The Seahawks Russell Wilson launches a bomb to Jermaine Kearse who comes down with one of the most breathtaking circus-like sideline catches ever, putting his team inside the five yard line.

The Seahawks eventually find themselves facing a 2nd-and-goal from the one yard line with 30 seconds left. This is Marshawn Lynch territory. Surely with three cracks at the end-zone Beast Mode will deliver the Seahawks another Lombardi trophy.

What happened next was unimaginable. See for yourself.



by Adam Sherbert

Flavorful, Sugary, Treat, Milk Udder graduate. All Fun League Insider for the Entertainment and Sports Programming That Entertains Network (ESPTEN).

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